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Disclaimer:This is an unofficial page about the UAW Local # 813 that I work for in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

Not much to say since I retired in 02/1/99

March 1,1999

It's been a while since there was any good news to put on this page, but it now seems to be getting better at the plant. Some work has been brought into the plant from the Shelbyville Budd plant. It seems that they have too much work and we have a lot of unused production facilities.

Also more than 50 members have retired (that includes"yours truly"...that is...ME!!!)since the first of the year and that brought in 50 from lay-off so far.

The BMW work is also coming in and that involves 6 workers for each hand and if it goes 2 shifts,that will bring in 24 more members. Room for the new BMW work will be made from removing the assembly line for the front doors that went to FORD's Walton Hills plant.

The latest senority to be able to work in "1973" ,but there is only a few to go to jump to "1976" and they are only a few of those with senority of "76".. then we jump to "1983".

so it seems that this year is going to turn out O.K. for the BUDD workers.


The Econoline front doors have left for Ford's Walton Hills and over 30 members have ben laid off. The word is that another 50 will go this week. Time will tell. To work in the Phoenix ,you need a senority date of 1974. Some more work has been accepted by the Detroit plant while we get little hope of any. More members have gone to Detroit and Shelbyville on transfers. Some members are hoping that this Philadelphia plant will turn around just like the Detroit plant did recently with all the work coming in on the new full size Ford SUV. They have more than they can handle and we hope some of it will come our way.

May 27,1998

Budd Shelbyville is going to get new work from BMW. They are going to rearrange the whole plant to accommodate the new work which will be for the year 2000.Budd Detroit is getting new work also,the Ford Navigator pick-up,for one and supposidly the new Cougar!!!

May 7, 1998

Back to work now for the last 3 weeks. Seems like we could still last a few months more. Word is there are orders for the Econoline until Sept 30. Some more supervisors are going to lose their jobs as the count to keep is 85 Supervisors to stay in the whole plant. Some new work has arrived from Ford's Edison plant and some has been outsourced from Budd Shelbyville to us as they can't handle all the work they are getting. On the good news side: We had another visit from a major car maker. May 6, and we will have to wait and see if anything good happens.

APRIL 1,1998 Well ,it is a joke on all of us who are laid off.I've been off for 2 weeks now and going for #3.Some say this could be the end,but as long as they are making front doors for the Econoline Van,they will need rear doors and that's my line. So i expect to get back in a week.

March 15,1998

The Company doesn't seem to be getting any new work yet for 
the Philadelphia,Pennsylvania plant yet. The latest attempt was 
to get the Ford Ranger work ,yet the rumour is that it is going 
to Detroit. News from Detroit is that they are earning about $2.50 
an hour less than the Philadelphia plant with senior workers at 
about $16 an hr. and that workers with 2-3 years senority get only 
$11-$12 an hour.
Somehow that doesn't seem right.
Detroit is working 7 days, 24 hrs. a day and working people double 
Budd Shelbyville has finally voted the UAW in this month and we 
welcome them into the UAW!!!!

The Philadelphia Plant has finally closed! ....Year of 2003

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