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Starting from: 1 Mantua, NJ 08051
Arriving at: 2 Judsonia, AR 72081
Distance: 1236.5 miles Approximate Travel Time: 19 hours 1 min
1.Starting at the center of zip code 08051 on BRIDGETON PIKE/BROADWAY ST go towards WASHINGTON AVE - go 0.5 mi
2.Continue on BRIDGETON PIKE - go 2.3 mi
3.BRIDGETON PIKE becomes N MAIN ST - go 0.3 mi
4.Continue on MAIN ST - go 0.3 mi
5.MAIN ST becomes BRIDGETON PIKE/N MAIN ST - go 0.7 mi
7.Continue on US-322 - go 2.2 mi
8.Turn Left to take NEW JERSEY TPKE SOUTH towards NEW JERSEY TPKE SOUTH/DELAWARE - go 0.3 mi
9.Merge on NEW JERSEY TPKE SOUTH - go 12.0 mi
10.Continue on US-40 WEST - go 0.5 mi
11.Continue on I-295 SOUTH - go 5.6 mi
12.Take the I-95 NORTH exit towards WILMINGTON - go 0.3 mi
13.Continue on I-95 SOUTH RAMP - go 0.9 mi
14.Merge on I-95 SOUTH - go 53.0 mi
15.Take the WHITE MARSH BLVD WEST/MD-43 WEST/(US-1) exit, exit #67B - go 0.6 mi
16.Continue on WHITE MARSH BLVD - go 3.2 mi
17.Take I-695 WEST - go 8.0 mi
18.Continue on I-83 SOUTH/I-695 WEST - go 0.9 mi
19.Continue on I-695 WEST - go 2.3 mi
20.Continue on I-695 SOUTH - go 7.7 mi
21.Take the I-70 EAST WEST exit towards FREDERICK, exit #16 - go 0.6 mi
22.Take the I-70 WEST exit towards FREDERICK - go 90.1 mi
23.Take the I-68 WEST/US-40 WEST exit towards CUMBERLAND MD, exit #1A - go 111.6 mi
24.Take the I-79 SOUTH exit towards FAIRMONT - go 148.5 mi
25.Continue on I-77 SOUTH - go 1.7 mi
26.Continue on I-64 WEST RAMP towards HUNTINGTON - go 0.2 mi
27.I-64 WEST RAMP becomes I-64 WEST - go 168.6 mi
28.Continue on I-64 WEST/I-75 NORTH - go 6.2 mi
29.Continue on I-64 WEST towards FRANKFORT/LOUISVILLE, exit #118 - go 55.7 mi
30.Take the I-265 SOUTH/KY-841 SOUTH exit towards GENE SNYDER FREEWAY, exit #19A - go 2.4 mi
31.Continue on I-265 WEST - go 12.7 mi
32.Continue on KY-841 WEST - go 0.4 mi
33.Take the 10-B/I-65 SOUTH exit towards NASHVILLE - go 158.9 mi
34.Continue on I-24 EAST/I-65 SOUTH - go 1.8 mi
35.Take the I-65 SOUTH/(I-40 W) exit towards HUNTSVILLE/MEMPHIS - go 2.0 mi
36.Continue on I-40 WEST RAMP SOUTH towards MEMPHIS, exit #84A - go 0.6 mi
37.Continue on I-40 WEST - go 181.4 mi
38.Take the TN-205/TN-385 exit towards MILLINGTON - go 1.9 mi
39.Merge on I-40 WEST - go 12.8 mi
40.Take the I-40 WEST exit, exit #10B - go 11.7 mi
41.Take the I-40 WEST exit towards LITTLE ROCK, exit #1E - go 0.2 mi
42.Continue on I-40 WEST RAMP towards LITTLE ROCK - go 0.3 mi
43.Merge on I-40 WEST - go 7.0 mi
44.Continue on I-40 WEST/I-55 NORTH - go 2.5 mi
45.Take the I-55 NORTH exit towards BLYTHEVILLE/JONESBORO, exit #277 - go 16.4 mi
46.Take the US-63 NORTH exit towards JONESBORO/MARKED TREE, exit #23B - go 0.3 mi
47.Continue on US-61 SOUTH/US-63 NORTH - go 0.2 mi
48.Continue on US-63 NORTH - go 41.7 mi
49.Continue on US-49 SOUTH/US-63 NORTH - go 1.2 mi
50.Continue on JOE N MARTIN EXPY - go 6.1 mi
51.Continue on US-63 NORTH - go 3.3 mi
52.US-63 NORTH becomes US-63 NORTH/US-63 N - go 5.2 mi
53.US-63 NORTH/US-63 N becomes US-63 NORTH - go 7.0 mi
54.Continue on US-63-BR - go 2.2 mi
55.Turn Left on US-63-BR/US-67 - go 0.2 mi
56.Continue on SW TEXAS ST - go 1.9 mi
57.SW TEXAS ST becomes US-67 S - go 31.3 mi
58.Turn Right on US-67 SOUTH - go 30.8 mi
59.Continue on US-64 WEST/US-67 SOUTH/US-167 SOUTH - go 3.9 mi
60.Take the AR-157 exit towards PLAINVIEW, exit #51 - go 0.3 mi
61.Bear Right on AR-157 - go 2.0 mi
62.Turn Right on MISSILE BASE RD - go 0.8 mi
63.Arrive at the center of 72081
When using any driving directions or map, it's a good idea to do a reality check and make sure the road still exists, watch out for construction, and follow all traffic safety precautions. This is only to be used as an aid in planning.
Full RouteDestination

Judsonia, AR 72081

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