Joseph R. Toro
3102 Highway 157
Judsonia,Ar. 72081
web site:Boston Bull's Union News
Phone Number 1-501-729-5715
RETIRED(2-1-99) UAW autoworker with 29 1/2 years of service from the Philadelphia 
BUDD COMPANY Automobile Stamping plant manufacturing 
automobile body panels for FORD,GENERAL MOTORS and CHRYSLER.
Press Shop and Assembly positions as 
....Quality Control Inspector
....Die Setter
....and Press operator.
Also I am the WEBMASTER of Boston Bull's Union News at
Worked off and on for J&J Staffing Resources of Deptford,New Jersey
on temporary staffing jobs of 2-3 weeks at a time for extra money and to keep busy. 
Worked at a Florist Service packing ,strapping and shipping Flowers.  
Other work was at a pharmacutical warehouse on an 
automated dispensing machine keeping it stocked of all the different medicines and 
health aids,checking the totes at the end of the line for accurate counts and 
correct merchandise,then strapping the totes after they were filled.
(BUDD COMPANY Auto Body Stamping plant...Philadelphia)
...29 1/2 years in different departments.
Retired in February of 1999 due to loss of work at 
the plant.
1992-1999: Assembly team member(Technician)
Last worked on the "FORD Explorer" doors and lift-
gates on an Assembly line as a team member. The 
assembly line was a team line and each member 
knew each and every position on the line.
Duties included installing the correct part 
in the correct operation in the correct locations 
and making the rate.These were SPOT WELDING operations. 
At the end of the line the doors or liftgates were 
checked for smooth surface,good welds,
correct number of holes and any repairs were done 
and then the rack of material was tagged for shipment 
and a log kept.
Quality Control Inspector(7 years),1985-1992
Duties were to check 3 production lines
(Two class 1 lines and One class 2)
Performed mechanical inspections to certify that the 
parts(Hoods,fenders,roofs,doors,etc)were to specs 
with micrometers,guages and fixtures. Read blueprints to get 
Also using the HI-LITE room to check for 
surface correctness(absence of dings and dents)
and for panel smoothness,correct number of holes 
and correct demensions by using computer assisted guages
Keep line foreman informed of any problems that
were found and see that the corrections are made.  
Keep line charts and SPC data up to date  and input data 
into the main computer at the end of the night. 
QS 9000 certified plant.
Die Setter(11 years)1969-1985 
(Press operator off and on 4 years)
Worked with Danly and Clearing Presses 
as Die Setter installing dies up to and over 50 tons. 
Built dies to shut height to fit presses and installed 
dies using overhead cranes or movable bolsters.
Using INCH controls brought shut height to 
within an inch using automated screws and informed Tool and Die workers of readiness.
Graduated from South Boston High School in 1957.
Able to speak and read Spanish a little also.

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