First Exercise

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My Resume:

Joseph R Toro

325 Bridgeton Pike

Mantua, NJ 08051

United States of America


Retired (early) 59 year old UAW autoworker with 29 years of experience in Press Shop and Assembly with positions as Quality Control Inspector,Die Setter,Technician,and Press operator wishes to return to work.

My hobby is Webmaster and Editor of "Boston Bull's Union News" since early 1998.

EXPERIENCE: 29 1/2 years AT BUDD CO,Phila,PA.(Auto Body Stamping plant)

Die Setter(11 years),1969-1980

Quality Control Inspector(7 years),1985-1992

Assembly Technician(7 years)1992-1999 --"Explorer" Assembly

and Press operator(5 years).(during the laid-off HARD YEARS) Worked with Danly and Clearing Presses as Die Setter installing dies up to and over 50 tons.

As Inspector ,controlled quality on Press Lines useing measureing instuments(Micometers etc.) and Samples and on fixtures to check for tolerances.

Also last worked on the "Ford Explorer" doors and liftgate on a computer controlled Assembly line as a team member to produce over 800 doors and lift-gates per shift for the Ford Explorer using IDT computer boxes to find and correct any problems.


Graduated from South Boston High School in 1957.


Able to speak Spanish also.!